Visku is re-imagining on-demand warehousing with Pallet Hotel

13 May 2024

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Andrew Jackson-Proes - Chief Customer Officer

Andrew Jackson-Proes , Chief Customer Officer

Pallet Hotel is set to transform on-demand warehousing, offering pay-as-you-need storage, flexible terms, and access to a wider range of facilities than any single provider can otherwise offer.

It’s a time of huge disruption for the supply chain industry. With the conflict in the Middle East threatening to cause delays and challenges for many years to come, retailers are stockpiling goods well ahead of seasonal peaks and manufacturers are looking for ways to move production closer to home.

Most businesses already know that the right warehousing strategy is crucial for building supply chain resilience. But many are stuck in a stressful cycle, going from having too much unused space to not having enough room when stockpiling is needed. Not only does this put pressure on everyone’s bottom lines, it also makes it much harder for them to adapt when times get tough.

Even something as simple as the weather can expose the drawbacks of traditional warehousing models. Take this year’s unusually cold Spring as an example, which left retailers scrambling for more storage space after being left with mountains of unsold patio furniture. The wrong weather can disrupt the best-laid plans for any season, from unsold barbeques and summer clothes to raincoats or even snow shovels. When stock becomes stuck in warehouses for longer than expected it leaves retailers with very few options. The stock can either take up valuable space, or it can be marked down in clearance sales – significantly hitting profits.

If you speak to any industry expert, they’ll tell you the solution is clear. More flexibility. More collaboration. Better use of technology. All done in a more sustainable way. And yet, without innovative solutions, businesses still don’t know how to achieve these goals.

The industry is long overdue a change. This is where Pallet Hotel comes in and it’s poised to reimagine how businesses manage their inventory.

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More flexibility

Pallet Hotel is built to help businesses adapt quickly, no matter the situation. Unexpected shipment delays? A sudden need to downsize or expand inventory? Need to support growth without upfront investment? With Pallet Hotel, you pay only for the space you need, when you need it.

Whether a retailer needs seasonal storage, a manufacturing plant needs project overflow, or a business needs to accommodate a growth spurt, Pallet Hotel has the flexibility to help.

Businesses using Pallet Hotel can take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. For example, as so often happens in the retail industry, a merchandiser may be offered a discounted price on electrical goods, making buying in bulk a better deal. Without storage flexibility to take advantage of last-minute offers, a retailer could lose out. With Pallet Hotel, you can instantly book extra storage whenever and wherever you want. You’re not tied to a term for any longer than needed, as you can end your commitment as soon as you can shift the stock. This is what true flexibility means in practice – an end to rigid long-term leases.

Pallet Hotel also has a huge role to play in supporting the return of production and sale of goods to the UK. If a manufacturer wants to reshore their operations, they can quickly take advantage of available warehouse space without having to invest heavily in building new facilities or tie up capital in long term leases. Retailers can make their operations more efficient to maximise their margins or offer more competitive pricing. With more flexibility, costs are minimised and so are the risks.

More collaboration

Pallet Hotel opens the door for deeper collaboration across the UK’s warehousing network.

Our agnostic approach to the industry has allowed us to build strong relationships with a large network of 3PLs, partners, property owners, and automation and robotics providers across the country.

This network includes underutilised grey space (spare storage space in an already occupied warehouse). In practice, this means that we’re able to provide storage closer to customers as we have access to both logistics parks and urban areas.

Better use of technology

Technology is at the heart of Pallet Hotel.

We’ve created an online platform that allows customers to coordinate their deliveries and collections in addition to managing their pallet space as and when they need. Our customer portal allows you to start managing your stock straight away – there’s no need to worry about spending time and money on integrating with yet another Warehouse Management System (WMS). No more messy spreadsheets, our portal lets businesses check their inventory levels, stock locations, and the status of orders in real time. Not only is this more convenient, it reduces the chance of any errors.

Pallet Hotel’s digital platform therefore helps businesses make better decisions by more effectively managing inventory.

Building a sustainable supply chain in the UK

We’re helping the UK to make the most of its warehousing space in a way that’s been very difficult to do up until now. With Pallet Hotel, businesses can share the same resources and premises, helping everyone to minimise their carbon footprint. This responsible storage model means we could reduce the demand for new warehouses in the future, helping to look after the UK’s rural heritage.

We’re doing everything we can to drive a greener industry, which is why we audit every Pallet Hotel to make sure it meets our high standards for sustainability.

Our UK-wide network of warehouses also gives businesses more logistical options so that they can store goods closer to their suppliers, their own warehouses, or even their customers. By helping businesses reduce their transport mileage, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions, we’re playing a leading role in helping the UK to build a more sustainable supply chain. Deliveries will be quicker. Customers will be better served. All while reducing costs and helping the UK to reach its net zero target.

Driving the UK economy

The UK needs stronger supply chains. We need to be using our existing resources better. We need to be collaborating more. And we need to empower retailers and manufacturers by giving them faster, more cost-effective storage solutions.

By harnessing the benefits of Pallet Hotel, businesses will have more capital and more capability to meet supply chain challenges head-on. Not only is this an opportunity for them, it’s an opportunity as a nation to advance our skills, infrastructure, sustainability and our economy – driving much-needed growth across the UK.

Flexible storage for now and for the future

Pallet Hotel is a next-gen solution that is fast becoming the new normal. Businesses can now build flexibility into their seasonal planning, knowing they can scale their storage space up or down during busy periods without committing to long-term leases or having to invest in expanding their facilities.

Finally, the UK is unlocking the full potential of on-demand warehousing.


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Andrew Jackson-Proes - Chief Customer Officer

Andrew Jackson-Proes , Chief Customer Officer


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