Unlock savings in your supply chain

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The more that’s asked of your supply chain, the harder it is to understand cost to serve impact. Just how much are business decisions and market dynamics costing you?

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Through fact-led insights, we’ll help you identify the priority areas to focus on for profitable growth. 

Cost to serve modelling is key to insight-led business analysis. From network optimisation and operational scenario planning, to range profiling, returns management and customer profitability analysis, it’s a complex picture. We’ll help to unravel your cost performance relative to competitors, alongside cost drivers and the potential impact of available change levers.

We can also help you with clear and fair charging of logistics services, with no stranded costs.

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See the true cost of doing business

Beyond numbers, we translate your operations into actionable data, Bringing analytics to life with market insights. And harnessing all our experience to make it happen. 

Digging into the relationship between expense and activity, we’ll build a clear picture of your cost base and its drivers. Identifying relevant costs, we’ll calculate true contribution and profitability, highlighting areas for focus. With analysis showing the impact of all your business choices, you can optimise every customer, proposition, product or channel review. Our findings can even inform commercial negotiations and KPI alignment.

Project outcomes


growth from new network


reduction in network cost to serve


increase in efficiency potential with new building & layout


reduction in warehousing & transport costs, with 35% reduction in cost per unit

They were instrumental in helping shape our supply chain strategy, supporting us working through options and the challenges we might face in the delivery of those options. They adapted their work as preferences became clearer and decisions evolved. The outcome was a challenging plan of action that will help us maximise our asset base and drive an improvement in our cost to serve.

Richard, CFO
AS Watson UK

I found working with them very easy. They were detailed, thorough and creative yet also pragmatic in relation to the art of the possible. It was a valuable and enjoyable experience all round.

Rob Corpe, Head of Logistics
Fortnum & Mason

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