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Automation and mechanisation is now the biggest opportunity for scaling and improving your supply chain. But where do you start?

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There’s more to automation than meets the eye. It’s complex. And in an information minefield, it can seem impossible without experienced, impartial support.

That’s where Visku comes in. We couple strategic choice and business case, with design, procurement, implementation and testing. Helping you shape the right strategy and deliverables too. 

We’ll translate your manual operations into automated ones. And whether it’s physical solutions, processes or systems, we’ll match it all to your exact needs.


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Automate your growth

Want to boost productivity, cut costs, improve stock and pick accuracy? Automation lets you maximise space, enhance labour resilience and improve customer service. Implementing the latest technology across your operations, we’ll help you test and learn without disrupting your business. Mapping optimal roll-out and supporting your business case, our services are scalable and flexible, on-budget and built for lasting returns.

With insight, challenge, market independence, operational experience, technical expertise and pragmatic approach, we guide you on the right journey. 

Our unrivalled end-to-end approach includes all the elements – manual, mechanised or automated, people, equipment and systems alike. Bringing it all together, with value often in the connections rather than the individual elements.

  • Limit risks and maximise benefits
  • Know scalability costs in advance
  • Business-case-ready 
  • Test without disruption
  • Implementation support
  • Gain competitive advantage

Project outcomes


savings from hybrid automation recommendation, achieved over 15 years


reduction in forecast operating costs


potential saving of operating cost

I looked for a breadth of knowledge and expertise, and in particular, some track record in the parts of the project that we have least experience in, that was important. So we had little experience in automation in our in house team. And we were looking for a partner that could demonstrate experience, in automation based projects.

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics & Distribution
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