Bis Henderson’s Space and Consultancy businesses brought together as Visku

3 October 2023

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  • Visku combines visionary supply chain thinking with practical network delivery
  • A new, innovative approach to reducing supply chain risk and building resilience
  • Bis Henderson Recruitment to continue as an independent company

Supply chain consulting and warehousing solutions specialists, Bis Henderson, has brought together the unique strengths of its Consultancy and Space businesses under a single new identity, Visku – leveraging the immense wealth of expertise and extensive network capabilities of the two previously independent businesses.

The third element of the Bis Henderson Group, Bis Henderson Recruitment, will continue to operate under its existing, well-respected and long-established name and will now become an independent company. The Bis Henderson Group name will no longer be used.

Both Bis Henderson Consulting and Bis Henderson Space are prominent, strong businesses in the supply chain sector with a long history of delivering excellence in strategic and operational logistics.

Consulting is well known for its market leading cost to serve analysis, benchmarking, strategic design and operational efficiency solutions. Combining insight and practical experience, the business helps customers to create, scale or reconfigure for optimum logistics networks. Their independent and in-depth knowledge of automation and innovation enables organisations to embrace automated operations and digital supply chains in a way that best suits them.

Space has established a unique proposition in the warehousing market, leveraging its practical operational expertise and market position to build an extensive network of nationwide partners to deliver short term warehouse space as well as expert, tailored solutions.

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A new model for a new world

Bringing the two businesses together as a single, integrated business with shared goals and objectives, opens the door to a whole new world for customers. Visku has the potential to enhance value-chain performance with a complete and extensive range of seamless service offerings – from analysis, concept and design to the physical delivery of a ‘super-flexible’ network solution. Visku transforms supply networks and reduces risk for SMEs and larger businesses that may be looking to grow or optimise their operations.

Visku links two sides of the market – customers that want space and those that have space.  Visku’s extensive UK network allows the seamless sourcing and provision of flexible warehouse space, making Visku an essential connector that delivers higher asset utilisation and a more sustainable model.

Visku’s aim is to unlock the power of supply chains – challenging traditional models and constraints. Visku combines visionary thinking with practical delivery.

Reimagining supply chains

Andy Kaye, CEO of Visku, says: “We’ve created an ecosystem for the better utilisation of assets, underpinned by our consulting expertise, and it’s called ‘Visku’.

“Businesses now face continual challenges and constant change. The only effective mitigation against such uncertainty is business agility, facilitated by a ‘super flexible’ supply chain. But, creating a strategic solution that is highly flexible, demands imaginative supply chain thinking and deep, practical expertise. Visku delivers on this vision.

“We already hold a wealth of expertise in our supply chain consultancy and we have the know-how and market position in the warehouse space sector to build supply chain networks with the flexibility and resilience that businesses are looking for. Now as Visku, we will be in a position to leverage our combined strengths to offer our clients both agile long-term strategic solutions, based on sound cost-to-serve analysis and intelligent consulting, as well as highly responsive, strategic and short-term warehousing options. Our innovative approach will free businesses to strategically plan ahead, as well as respond quickly to unforeseen challenges.”

Visku has a strong heritage. It’s a £70m revenue business with 400+ projects delivered and 500k+ pallets currently under management. It supports 200+ customers, with 80% of customers returning for additional projects. By way of example, it supports 6 out of 10 top UK grocers. With 1m+ UK pallet spaces available, and 200+ partners in multiple sites, it has 16m+ sq ft of available warehousing space – and this places Visku within the top 5 warehouse occupiers in the UK.

Visku’s leadership team

Andy Kaye, previously CEO of Bis Henderson Group, becomes CEO of Visku and also takes up the position as Chairman of Bis Henderson Recruitment. Alongside Andy, the leadership teams previously operating Bis Henderson Space and Bis Henderson Consulting remains the same for Visku; Neil Adcock, Managing Director, Consulting; Steve Purvis as Managing Director, Warehousing; Tom Fitzgerald, Chief Financial Officer; Debbie Foulke, People Officer; Louisa Hosegood, Strategy & Transformation Director.

The senior leadership team
From left to right: Tom Fitzgerald, Debbie Foulke, Andy Kaye, Steve Purvis, Louisa Hosegood, Neil Adcock
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