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Kay Owen, Consulting Partner

Retail supply chain consulting for high street and e-commerce operations. We’ve delivered over 180 major projects with well-known retail brands. Our consultants can help find the best solution for your short term and long-term needs.

Engineering certainty for retailers

It’s a difficult market for retailers. Economic pressures are squeezing consumers’ budgets and global crises are increasingly disrupting supply chains. To help meet these challenges, we’ll engineer certainty into your operations. By creating efficient, resilient, and agile supply chains, you’ll be able to save costs, react quickly to fluctuating demand, prepare in advance for potential shortages, and ultimately serve your customers better.


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Data-led advice

We can help you excel with your retail supply chain management. We use data, experience, and advanced technology to make informed decisions that are right for your business. We’ll dig into the details of your logistics operations to make solid recommendations for saving costs and driving growth in your retail supply chain.

By analysing seasonal sales trends, we’ll provide valuable insights into high and low-risk items, helping you to maximise your margins. We’ll focus on the details that matter, drawing on our proven track record to dramatically reduce wasted spend while uncovering opportunities for increasing company profits and maximising growth.

Our data-driven approach analyses historical assortment data and stock lifecycles to identify areas for cost reduction across your entire supply chain. This helps you to free up capital to invest in improving your digital capabilities, ensuring efficient order fulfilment and a compelling omnichannel experience.

Not only are our solutions tried and tested, but we’re also able to use the latest technology to create models for future growth that we’ll help you to test and implement. With our innovative virtual warehousing networks, we’ll optimise your physical supply chain, ensuring agility, cost-effectiveness, and success.

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Our retail supply chain consulting will allow you to

  • Optimise every stage. By analysing the relationship between expense and activity we’ll pinpoint areas for improvement and show you how every business choice impacts your profitability.
  • Enhance customer service. Deliver on time and in full every time. We’ll help you to build trust and loyalty with your customers by exceeding their expectations.
  • Understand your cost to serve. We’ll go beyond surface-level data to reveal the true impact of business decisions and market dynamics on your cost to service.
  • Benchmark your performance. Measure yourself against leading retailers to gain valuable insights on where and how to improve your competitive edge.
  • Modernise. We’ll streamline your operations to reduce manual labour expenses and minimise errors with efficient technological solutions like automation and mechanisation.
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