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transport review

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Business targets

Improved business performance year on year (return on capital & gross margin targets), with Supply Chain seen as a business enabler with focus on improved supply chain performance including cost reduction & improved supply chain agility.

  • To review the DACH region which has complex transport operation across several operational sectors. The transport has never been reviewed regionally and the company wanted to understand if the operations were cost effective and fit for purpose.

Our approach

  • Scanned current route-to-market set up, with given inventory points, ship-to addresses, transport lanes & efficiency rates.
  • Completed benchmark of high-volume routes across all business sectors.
  • Presented an understanding of competitor and market trends and future requirements.
  • Proposed improvement initiatives, including timing and business case.


  • Full and concise understanding of operational costs vs. market and benchmark sample. Highlighted key areas for improvement.
  • Agreed targeted savings of between €3m & €7m.

€3m - €7m Agreed targeted savings

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