A dedicated distribution centre to service stock holding and replenishment of deliveries to trade counters

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Warehousing | Retail

Business targets

  • To find a cost-effective distribution facility fully fitted out that the client could operate on a short-term contract.
  • To develop and redesign the structure of the operation to fit with operating model, with future site improvements.

Our approach

  • Understand the business requirements and then source a facility configured where they could bring in their own operator.
  • Account management support to support the ongoing suitability of the site and infrastructure for the customer’s needs.


  • One site storing nearly 50,000 pallets, providing operational support for deliveries to trade counters.
  • Dedicated facilities management to support the proactive and reactive management of the site.
  • Increased Sku range with increased pick face capacity.
  • Allowed the customer to explore the feasibility of supporting the trade counters without taking on a long-term lease, and with the option to operate the DC with their preferred 3pl partner.
  • Gained access to prime warehouse capacity on flexible terms and the opportunity to develop the site as if it was their own.