Find cost effective deep storage solutions for residual stock; support current operations with flexible overspill space & services.

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Warehousing | Logistics

Business targets

  • To find a deep storage solution for large quantities of residual promotional stock which has a lengthy exit process.
  • To find cost effective flexible solutions for overspill storage to support current north and south DCs both at maximum capacity and risking customer service levels.

Our approach

  • Key first step of understanding the business overall to ensure any specific solution fits well into the wider jigsaw.
  • Identified options and recommended solutions, managing all aspects from operational requirements and commercials to go-live.


  • 3 sites with 4-6k pallets space each, plus transport and container services.
  • Access to capacity close to current locations, and at the specific pallet. quantity required, with flexibility to increase the space to suit business needs.
  • Able to store residual stock and prepare promotional stock outside of the main operating DCs.
  • The ongoing success of these flexible solutions is motivating the supply chain team to review their overall network and consider different options for efficiency, cost & service.
  • Avoided taking on new sites bigger than necessary and with longer term commercial commitments.
  • Using and paying for just what is required has reduced operating costs.
  • The core operations can concentrate on maximising BAU throughput and efficiency, and deliver on customer service levels.